Throughout history, women have played a large role in the development of technology. This International Women’s Day, we recognize the contributions five great women have made in the advancement of technology.

As an industry sector, technology is growing exponentially, yet it’s clear that men still dominate senior positions, out-earning women even in the same roles. What’s more, of the total technology workforce in the UK, only 17%—yes, a paltry seventeen percent—are female.

Here are some other statistics to cause dismay:

  • Only 7% of students taking computer science A-level courses are female
  • 1 in 10 UK tech teams have no female employees at all
  • Just 22% of game developers are women, yet women make up 50% of game-players

Yes, look at Facebook and Twitter as employers –  only 15% of Facebook’s tech employees and 17% of Twitter’s are female, but more than half of the users of both sites are women. It’s surely a given that it’s important for a company’s workforce to reflect its customer base, and both Facebook and Twitter have, it seems, made considerable efforts to find and recruit more female tech talent. Their failure must be a source of frustration.

Here’s another stat:

  • Only 22% of students can name a famous female working in technology, whereas 67% can name a famous man

A company called Tech Republic put out a list of ‘Tech Icons: Ten biographies worth reading.’  (The underlining is ours.) Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Wozniak, Linus Torvalds, Alan Turing, Jony Ive, Douglas Edwards, Biz Stone and…oh, a woman…Carly Fiorina, who, in case you hadn’t heard of her, was responsible for the reinvention of Hewlett Packard.