A2XCare is dedicated towards protecting the privacy of its users. We have mentioned our policies towards protecting privacy of website visitors below:

1. Details accumulated by A2XCare from you: The information garnered when you pay a visit to our website – A2XCare and all the other entities owned by A2XCare are used and stored securely in data centers located in the US. Details regarding you are inclusive of your first and last name, email address, place of residence, geographical presence, birth date, billing details along with contact number. Billing details comprise of credit card, number along with holder’s name as well as the expiry date. At the time of buying the product, further information will be required regarding your business. This information might be required later for product activation. To further enhance the purchase experience of the customer, details surrounding the device and location are also asked for.

2. Using Cookies and Log Files to Create Profile: A Personal Identifiable Information (PII) profile is structured using log details and cookies that generally consist but is not restricted to, name, email id, device id, zip code, location id and phone number. This profile is generally used to start a communication network with the customer and is prohibited to be shared with any third party. However, your PII profile could be consulted with our parent company, corporate subsidiaries and affiliates along with www.A2XCare

3. Children Policy: We, at A2XCare, follow the policy of not accumulating any sort of information of children younger than 13 years of age. However, if any, details regarding the same do come to get stored, it is immediately deleted once its presence is noticed in the database. To get more details on the Children Policy, you can go through the Government Regulatory body website.

4. Communication, Email and Newsletters: A2XCare could use your details to send out newsletters in order to keep you up to date on any changes made to website in terms of privacy policy, refund policy or terms of use that may influence you in one way or another. Furthermore, it is quite probable that you will receive information on new deals, offers or updates for the software that is bought by you. In case you wish to discontinue with this service, you can do so by clicking on the link named opt out.

5. Data Sharing and Retention: Until and unless a situation of legal ramification arises, www.A2XCare will hold onto the data regarding the customer till the tasks for which it is collected gets completed. www.A2XCare ensures that no customer details are shared with any third party entity as long as there is no legal ruling in which scenario the company is obligated to share this data.

6. Social Media: Social Networking channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and various similar platforms can be used to garner the IP address of your system along with pages frequented by you. We might track your movement through a cookie formula in order to understand your behavior in a much better way all the while staying within the boundary of our privacy policy..

7. Security: All the top priority details like the number of your credit card, geographical location, DOB, etc. stated on our registration and order forms are encrypted through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) standard technology.

8. Mobile Analysis: Software called Mobile Analytics is used by us in order to get information regarding mobile pages visited by you along with the apps and software installed on the mobile. The software used by us store details regarding the performance, usage and downloads done on the mobile.

9. Links: A2XCare could have third party links on their website. Privacy policy and other important details for the same links are not made aware with the website.

10. Future Changes & Amendments: We at A2XCare have full right to make any changes in the privacy policies of the company, following which the changes implemented will be made available to customers through their email id.

Last Updated: June 20, 2018